NEW PRODUCT - Speed Mop the innovative bucketless flat mop system

We are delighted to add to our range of professional cleaning products and equipment the new Speed Mop. 

Speed Mop is a ‘grab it and go’ low cost bucketless flat mopping system which works upon controllable moisture to leave a smear free dry floor.  It is the perfect answer to the problem of cleaning lightly soiled floor areas during the daytime, when health and safety reasons dictate that leaving a wet floor after cleaning would be unsafe.

The lightweight alloy handle of the Speed Mop contains a 480ml internal reservoir for the cleaning solution. This reservoir is thumb operated via a removable button on top of the handle which pumps the cleaning solution forwards out of three jets placed above the pad holder. The microfibre pad utilises the solution to clean the floor without leaving smears and water residue.  

In line with The British Institute of Cleaning Science (BICSc) colour coding recommendations to help prevent cross contamination during the cleaning process, the handle is supplied with colour coded rings that simply push onto the Speed Mop handle. The microfibre flat mop is also colour coded with a removable colour tab system.

As its name suggests, Speed Mop will make light work of mopping and no more waiting for floors to dry!  We supply the Speed Mop handle and frame (MP9880) and replacement microfibre mop heads (MP9560)

To view the new Speed Mop click here

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Posted: 21/02/2018

L ives
Looks good butvi thought manufacturers trying to get away from ‘wipes’ because of disposal
Clena Helpdesk
This product uses microfibre mop heads which are washable and are designed to be re-used multiple times.


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