Our commitment to sustainability and the environment

Our ongoing commitment to sustainability and the environment is a key part of our ethos. Out of years of experience advising customers on the most appropriate products to reduce their own environmental impact, ‘Clena’s Ideology & Mandate’ accreditation (CLIM8) was borne. 

As a professional benchmark, the CLIM8 logo is applied to eligible products to provide users with a qualified standard by which to make environmentally sustainable purchasing decisions.

To bear the CLIM8 accreditation logo, non-concentrate chemical products must either ‘automatically qualify’ by already bearing the Nordic Swan or European Eco Label or meet all mandatory scoring criteria: Manufactured at ISO9001 accredited plants, Manufactured at ISO14001 accredited plants and Contain no CFC's (Cloroflurocarbons). Additionally they must meet at least eight of the following non-mandatory scoring criteria:

  • Is Eco-label accredited
  • Is Nordic Swan accredited
  • Produced in factories where waste effluent is reduced to carbon dioxide and water   
  • Contains no phosphates
  • Contains no chlorinated solvents
  • Not tested on animals
  • Fully biodegradable
  • Part of a system that reduces product consumption
  • Made with raw materials from renewable sources
  • Manufactured at an IPPC licenced plan
  • Meets requirements of the Detergents Directive for biodegradability
  • Packaging material from recycled source

CLIM8 accreditation looks at an end-to-end process represented by the continuous loop or '8' icon.

This means that full product lifecycle analysis is considered for a product to qualify to bear the CLIM8 accreditation thus guaranteeing to the user that the product has a reduced environmental impact. These life cycle stages are set out below covering a holistic view of the product from raw material to product usage.
Life cycle stages considered for a product to bear the CLIM8 accreditation:

Raw Materials Stored in bulk tanks on the manufacturing sites tank farm, raw materials are purchased in bulk and concentrate form to minimise transporation, wastage, and packaging and to reduce C02 emissions from transportation. Only biodegradable materials are used in the manufacure of CLIM8 accredited products.
Manufacturing Facilities CLIM8 accredited products are produced in manufacturing faciliteis accredited to ISO9001, ISO14001 and IPPC (Integreated Polution and Prevention Control Directive) which drives change to minimise air land and water emissions and is enforced by the Environment Agency.
Water and Energy Manufacture of chemicals often requires heating and cooling during the process and energy is used throughout the process. CLIM8 accredited products are manufactured in plants where hot and cold water are recirculated from one batch to another so that neither energy or water is lost. Water expenditure on tank filling and line washing is minimised through on-site recycling.
Waste Effluent CLIM8 accredited products are produced in such a way that waste effluent from the manufacturing process is passed through and on-site biologigal waste treatment plant digesting the effluent into carbon dioxide and water. Only clean water is discharged into the environment.
Packaging CLIM8 accredited products are packed in appropriate transit packaging made from recycled content. Prouduct containers are now made from PCR (Post Consumer Recycled) plastic containers which can also be recycled at end of life through the appropriate onward recycling channels.
Transportation Transportation of raw materials and finished goods is minimised throughout the life cycle of a CLIM8 accredited product. A bulk storage farm at manufacturing level enables delivey of full tanker loads of raw materials minimising journeys. Onward transportation of finished product is optimised by supplying pdoduct in full pallet volumes.
Product Usage All CLIM8 acccredited products are produced using biodegradable materials ensuring biodegradability at end of life. Ensuring product performance at lower dilution rates also helps minimise consuption at this final stage.

When you purchase a CLIM8 accredited product you can rest assured that you have chosen a high quality phosphate-free product, made in Britain and with no compromise to effectiveness. Plus, in making this informed choice you will be playing a valuable part in protecting the environment and supporting our planet for a sustainable future.