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Why the clena portal?

Experience efficient ordering, reporting and delivery through our end-to-end procurement solution. The Clena portal has been built and developed in close collaboration with our contract cleaner and facilities management customers to manage their procurement needs across multiple sites and budgets at the click of a button. A bespoke online ordering portal enabling next-generation procurement management.

Done on the portal - that was easy to use!

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The Clena Portal Features

The clena portal means you can focus on higher-level things in your business whilst still having the peace of mind that your processes and purchasing are under control with full visibility at a click of a button.

  • Product Lists
  • Consumption reports
  • Budget management
  • Permission and approval controls
  • Multi-site order management
  • Track costs and rechargeables
  • Site templates
  • Staff training and management resources
  • Manage compliance across sites
  • Integration capabilities
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More benefits for you...

Developed to improve your profitability and empower your people, the clena portal gives your staff on the ground the ability to submit stock checks and consumables orders whilst you retain full control of your spending, compliance and your processes.

  • Manage multiple sites effectively
  • Budget limit controls
  • Consumables and rechargeables visibility for onward invoicing
  • Save time through automated communications
  • Set user permissions to allow levels of authorisation
  • Streamline ordering and invoicing processes
  • Automate and schedule repeat orders
  • Empower your cleaners onsite.

The Clena portal fully embodies our mission of empowering cleaning professionals; driving cost reduction through innovation, training, and technology and driving profits to our customer’s bottom line.