Healthcare Professionals

Delivering healthcare to patients, whether it be acute, palliative, domiciliary or residential is challenging for the most experienced of providers. One day to the next brings its unique challenges balancing care quality, cost effectiveness, hygiene and most importantly the welfare of each patient concerned.

In this sector where constants are not ‘the norm’ Clena Supplies brings a refreshing level of consistency and reliability to the areas of hygiene, personal protection and compliance.  We understand the cleaning and hygiene challenges that healthcare professionals face every day and the requirement to meet and exceed standards set by governing bodies such as the CQC (Care Quality Commission).  Our investigative approach means we ask questions to uncover areas where standards may not be being met and tasks unfulfilled, enabling us to provide solutions to every personal care and hygiene challenge. 

Our aim is to empower healthcare workers through implementing processes where compliant PPE wear and cleaning and hygiene programmes are used and adhered to, thereby meeting and exceeding healthcare standards.  Through this approach we remove challenges and nonconformities that healthcare workers face regularly and create them ‘space’ to think proactively and take a more efficient, controlled approach to the work they do. In other words, we take the thinking out of the job, enabling you to concentrate on what you do best – caring for your patients, improving cleanliness and facility sanitisation.

Innovations and budget control

Our investigative approach to cleaning methodologies married up with our desires to bring innovations to care workers, means we can make recommendations and implement programmes that reduce time taken to perform cleaning and care tasks whilst improving the standard of cleanliness throughout care facilities.

We know that budgets are always tight and work hard to reduce costs across the healthcare sector.  Our online ordering portal also empowers the budget-holder to set department budgets, manage spend and goods purchased across multiple sites from a central console.

We care so that you can care.

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