NX244 Compact Scrubber Dryer

fast effective clean

NX244 Park Up Office Hospital Reception Entrance

NX244 In Use Office or School

Professional cordless floor cleaning 

Lightweight and easy to use, the NX244 leaves floors clean, dry and safe whilst reducing labour costs by 70% and water use by 80%.

Time-saving of 70% vs mopping/wage £11 per hour, 100 sqm 7 days per week.

Water use by 80% based on replacing 16L mopping system, cleaning 7 days per week.

Payback in 5 minutes
Switching to the 244NX for just 5 minutes a day instead of mopping makes big savings, returning the total machine cost in 3 years.*
One-Pass Performance
One-pass cleaning performance is achieved by applying brush pressure and powerful drive motors with the right amount of water in the right place.
Agile and Lightweight
Agile and lightweight handling easily navigate obstacles in congested areas gliding over floors for controlled, effortless cleaning.

Easy Cleaning Park-Up Mode
“Park-Up” feature allows users to quickly park up to move obstacles or carry out other cleaning tasks.
One Fits All Productivity
The NX300 Pro Cordless Network brings the convenience and performance of professional cordless cleaning across our growing battery range.
Extended Long-Life Power
Made for the long haul, the NX300 Battery won’t let you down, engineered and tested for commercial use delivering up to 2500 charge cycles. A 3-year battery warranty provides complete peace of mind for you and your Pro Cordless Network.

NX244 In Use Catering Cafe Restaurant

The NX244 Features

Counter Rotating Brushes
Delivering controlled and lightweight handling with no messy spray.
Simple Fill
Removable clean tank with "No-Spill" Cap.
Sustainable Cleaning
Our Centrifugal Water System ensures precise distribution across the brush or pad, delivering on cleaning performance whilst saving water.
Foot-operated Brush Deck
Simple and easy to engage brush deck
Adjustable Water Flow
Easily adjustable water flow to suit cleaning needs.
Easy to Use
Simple to set up and easy to use.
Fully Adjustable Handle
Find the perfect working position with a fully adjustable handle. 

Increase Cleaning Productivity

The Nu-Assist App offers the benefit of online training through a simple, versatile and user-friendly solution, resulting in increased cleaning performance and productivity.

  • 24/7 Access to multilingual training
  • On-hand troubleshooting and maintenance
  • Product Training
  • Increased cleaning productivity
Nu Assist App Numatic NX244 Cleaning Machinery