The new generation of recycled paper




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PureSoft is a raw material sensation: our first premium hygiene paper in recycled quality made from corrugated cardboard and cardboard packaging. 

PureSoft is unbleached, luxuriously soft, particularly absorbent and hygienically safe in all applications – from towel paper and toilet paper to kitchen rolls.


PureSoft is the result of intensive research and advanced paper technology  and a milestone in the develop¬ment of environmentally friendly premium fibres. Thanks to its innovative manufacturing process, PureSoft is one of the softest natural coloured papers on the market.


A raw material innovation for the future


Corrugated cardboard and cardboard boxes transformed into 100 % recycled premium hygiene paper: with PureSoft we tap into recovered paper qualities that previ¬ously could not be used in tissue products. PureSoft thus marks a new level of sustainability. The raw material for PureSoft has a 70% smaller environmental footprint than virgin fibre from wood.


“Through advanced technologies, we convert used fibres from cardboard and packaging into high-quality hygiene paper. This keeps valuable fibres in the material cycle.”


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Unbeatable softness and sustainability


PureSoft: The environment-friendly recycling paper – premium quality as good as virgin fibre hygiene paper. A skin-friendly premium hygiene paper with a top-class performance.


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PureSoft is popular with consumers 


With its premium quality, PureSoft distinctly rebuts the belief that recycled paper is hard, uncomfortable or even inferior. Extensive consumer tests confirm this.*


84% rated PureSoft as being very soft. 

89% praised the sustainable concept and especially the aspect of resource-saving production without the use of bleaching agents. 

80% said they liked the product. 

78% liked the natural colour, which at first glance identifies PureSoft as an ecological product.

*IPSOS Consumer Study PIU 2021


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