6 Areas to include in your Deepcleaning Programme


In addition to the annual spring cleaning fever, that many feel the urge for each year, the Summer break from education and across all industries often prompts a deepcleaning frenzy!  With reduced numbers of staff and students in physical working environments it become the natural time to dive-in and complete some of the more knotty tasks or just those where you need some clear space for a few days.  As we know, cleaning regimes have increased and many organisations have implemented extra touch-point cleaning in addition to reviewing standard cleaning practices to ensure a higher level of cleanliness in our organisations as a result of Covid19.

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A guide to colour coding for cleaning equipment


Cross-contamination is one of the highest risks in the spread of infection. To most effectively reduce this risk, we strongly  recommend that everyone in the cleaning industry follows the same procedures that have been outlined by the British Institute of Cleaning Science.

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Introducing Oysta


It's the brand a lot of our customers call about, read on to find out more about personal protective equipment.

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What are the essential items that every professional cleaner needs?


One of the most important necessities for any professional cleaning company is the cleaning kit that is supplied to cleaning operatives. As a leading supplier of top quality professional cleaning products and equipment we offer our suggestions for a professional cleaning kit.

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Speed Mop the innovative bucketless flat mop system


Introducing the new Speed Mop, a ‘grab it and go’ low cost bucketless flat mopping system. Works upon controllable moisture to leave a smear free dry floor.  The perfect answer to the problem of cleaning lightly soiled floor areas during the daytime, when health and safety reasons dictate that leaving a wet floor after cleaning would be unsafe.

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Running to improve children’s lives


On 19th March 2017, instead of carefully picking and packing your goods ready for dispatch, one of our valued team members, Steven Hiatt, will be running 13.1 miles...

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