What is Oleonix? 

Oleonix, a breakthrough full spectrum cleaner cleans any dirt from any surface utilising innovative non-toxic and non-hazardous technology.

Oleonix Range
  • Outperforms and replaces all other cleaners in most applications
  • Cuts cleaning time by up to 50% 
  • Less product needed for effective cleaning 
  • Saves water, 'no rinse' cleaning and no waste water issues
  • Minimises personal protective equipment requirements 
  • Reduces cleaning frequency and improves productivity 
  • Preserves human health and environmental sustainability
  • Lower in-use costs 
  • Micriolysis sustainable chemical technology
  • Designed to tackle the toughest of applications

Why Oleonix?

Disinfecting surfaces does not clean surfaces, it may kill the bacteria or virus but due to the dirt left behind, the bacteria and virus will be attracted back very quickly. Cleaning the surfaces properly is more important than disinfecting them, prevention is key.  The innovation is in micriolysis. 

Oleonix on Spilt Oil

What is micriolysis?

Designed for the toughest applications, Oleonix combines the latest sustainable chemical technology with the advanced micriolysis process to lift out dirt like no other cleaner. Oleonix when combined with water at various dilutions, operates on a wide spectrum of dirts, proteins, sugars, starches, yeasts, algae and is proven to eliminate even the most challenging industrial grease, oil and fats from the full spectrum of surfaces.

Understand how to acheive super clean surfaces using Oleonis micriolysis when compared with convetional cleaning agents. 

Convetional cleaning agent

Normal cleaners remove large particles.

Conventional cleaning results

Embedded dirt remains in the surface valleys.  

Oleonix Cleaning Approach

Oleonix penetrates through the dirt. 

Oleonix Cleaning Results

All embedded dirt is removed. 

Rather than just removing the later particles, Oleonix penetrates through the dirt so all embedded dirt is removed.

Simply change the dilution rate for optimum efficiency and cost effectiveness.

Want to find out more?

Don't just take our word for it, Oleonix Full Spectrum Cleaner is applicable to a wide range of industries and applications!

Suitable for use in the following industries,Janitorial, facilities management, catering, food manufacturing, healthcare, hospitaility, retail, education, childcare, construction, engineering, mechanical, agriculture, marine, transport and the list could go on. Cleans virtually any surface with ease and proven to remove even the most difficult industrial stains, dirt, oil, grease and fats. Take a look at the before and after images below for proof of what Oleonix Full Spectrum Cleaner is able to do. 

Oleonix used on front entrance
Oleonix used on reception
Oleonix as a carpet cleaner
Oleonix used on upholstery
Oleonix Floor Cleaner
Oleonix Patio Cleaner
Oleonix Outside Furniture Cleaning
Oleonix Traffic Film Remover
Oleonix Train Cleaner

Still not convinced?

Try it for yourself by getting in contact with us on 01785 229 229 or sales@clenasupplies.co.uk to try a sample or have one of our guys come out to give you a reall time application demo on your specfic requirement. Whether it be grease, grime or dirt you can be assured that this product will be the answer for you!