New Product - we are now stocking CLEANO the revolution in bucket free indoor window cleaning

cleano range

We're excited to have added to our range of window cleaning products the revolutionary Cleano’  bucket free indoor window cleaning system. 

This range will no doubt prove to be a 'must have' for contract cleaners as it allows cleaning operatives to safely, and efficiently clean indoor windows without the need for steps or ladders, even in areas with restricted access. The Cleano system will reduce working time with no compromise to finish -  your contract cleaning company really can’t afford to be without this product!


The Cleano bucket free system combines the cleaning power of microfibre and water spraying a mist at high levels which prevents streaking, yet effectively cleans and removes dirt, grime and bugs. Even on the inside, dirty and grimy windows harbour harmful bacteria. Cleaning with Cleano leaves surfaces brighter, fresher, and more hygienic with no residual particles or surface smears – all you will be left with is sparkling, bug-free windows!


Cleano uses no batteries or electrical connection as it is an entirely mechanical tool.  Its unique integral pump system and easily-cleaned nozzle deliver fluid straight onto the surface, which can then be cleaned using the detachable microfibre head. The system is light and easy to carry and incorporates an adjustable telescopic handle. Cost savings can also be made by using the Cleano system as it eliminates the need for using expensive chemicals, unless preferred.

We will be offering the Cleano range in five sizes: 1m, 1.4m, 3m and 6m lengths, and the new 'Bambino' hand-held Cleano which is ideal for cleaning areas of glass that require quick and easy access such as glass panels, table tops or internal glass on public transport.  Replacement microfibre pads will also be available to order.

To view the new Cleano range – click here

For further details and prices, email or call us on 01785 229 229.




Posted: 02/11/2017


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