What are the essential items that every professional cleaner needs?

Professional cleaning certainly is a booming business. The UK contract cleaning sector is currently estimated to be worth £5.6 billion and provides employment for around 500,000 people.  Interestingly, the cleaning industry is dominated by very small companies and sole traders with 86% of cleaning businesses having less than 10 employees. So it seems that there has never been a better time to run a contract cleaning business.
One of the most important necessities for any professional cleaning company is the cleaning kit that is supplied to cleaning operatives. Having the right tools for the job can only help to make your cleaning business a sparkling success.   However, you would be surprised how many questions we receive about which key items we believe should be used. So, as a leading supplier of top quality professional cleaning products and equipment here are our suggestions:

1.       Gloves
Rubber gloves are an essential part of every professional cleaner’s kit, no matter what type of job you are undertaking. The importance of using rubber gloves during cleaning tasks cannot be underestimated, and particularly when using strong cleaning products day in day out. They act as a protective barrier between the skin and harsh cleaning chemicals which can irritate the skin, or even cause long-term skin problems such as dermatitis or psoriasis.  In addition, wearing rubber gloves will also assist with infection control as they will help to keep your hands clean, stop exposure to bacteria and viruses, and stop the spread of infection through cross contamination. We have a wide selection of rubber and disposable gloves to suit all purposes: https://www.clenasupplies.co.uk/category/PRW.

2.       Cleaning products
Effective cleaning products are the foundation of your cleaning kit, and it is very important to understand that not all cleaning products are created equal.  Different cleaning products have different effects on various types of soiling and various surfaces, and it is vital that you make yourself aware of this information.  The professional cleaning products that you invest in need to be versatile, effective, and with a pleasant fresh fragrance that says ‘clean’.  We offer a wide range of professional cleaning products that can be viewed on our website at https://www.clenasupplies.co.uk/category/CL and are always happy to provide advice on suitability.  
To be extra safe it is always good practice to run through your choice of products with your clients and ask them to advise you of any areas, furniture, surfaces etc that require specialised cleaning products.  Many of our professional cleaning products are environmentally friendly and offer powerful cleaning results without the use of harsh chemicals. You may wish to consider using environmentally friendly professional cleaning products and highlight this to your customers as many companies now have an ethical CSR policy for the use of greener products. 
3.       Washroom cleaning products
One important factor when choosing washroom cleaning products that many people do overlook is that a cleaner will not necessarily have the same properties as a disinfectant, much as a disinfectant will not always clean.  This means that a multi-purpose cleaner will more than likely not be powerful enough to kill the type of nasty germs that are found in commercial washrooms.  So, for your cleaning kit you need to invest in professional standard washroom cleaning products that have been specifically developed for these types of applications. Products that can sanitise as effectively as they clean, that kill odour producing bacteria, and ideally are odour neutralising - we all know that washrooms can be prone to unpleasant lingering odours! We recommend Mangrove Freshness Washroom Cleaner/Sanitizer  from our range of professional washroom cleaning products which can be viewed here: https://www.clenasupplies.co.uk/category/WC

4.       Microfibre cloths
Different cleaning tasks may need different types of wiping cloths. Good practice would be to ensure that they are colour coded appropriately in line with The British Institute of Cleaning Science colour coding system. This was developed for use within the cleaning industry to help reduce the spread of germs across areas and increase hygiene. 

Many cleaning professionals highly rate the power of the microfibre cloth. The reason for this is that there are powerful tiny hooks at the end of each fibre that lift any germs or dirt way from the surface of the item being cleaned. Microfibre cloths are renowned for being cost-effective as it is not necessary to use an excessive amount of cleaning products, even on tough dirt. In some scenarios the use of water can even make microfibre cloths less effective.

5.       Floor care equipment
A powerful vacuum cleaner is a must for any professional cleaning company.  When choosing the vacuum cleaner that will best suit your business think carefully about the areas that you will be cleaning for your clients. For example, if you will be mainly vacuuming in areas that are open and easily accessible, then a friendly-faced Numatic Henry vacuum cleaner or an upright vacuum cleaner will be the perfect choice. However, if you will be required to clean in more confined spaces such as aircraft aisles, cinema seating etc., or in areas where trailing cables could cause health and safety issues, then we recommend the purchase of a Numatic Cordless vacuum.  We offer a wide range of professional vacuums and other floor care equipment such as carpet cleaners, rotary floor machines, sweepers and scrubber driers: https://www.clenasupplies.co.uk/category/MC

And then of course there are the hard surfaces such as canteen kitchen and washroom floors, for which you will require a reliable mop and bucket. For an innovative approach to mopping why not discover the Ultraspeed mini mopping kit . This is one of our best sellers for several reasons; firstly, it leaves floors cleaner as the flat microfibre mop grabs dirt off the area you are cleaning. Secondly, the wringer gets nearly all the water out of the mop so that floors are left cleaner, drier and safer. Thirdly, and perhaps most important to the efficiency of your professional cleaning business, tests have proven that mopping with the Ultraspeed Mini is twice as fast compared to dolly (round) mops.  


Last but by no means least, any professional cleaner worth their salt knows that observing health and safety guidelines whilst cleaning is crucial. So, do not forget to order your wet floor signs to ensure that your team and your clients are kept safe from harm.

Posted: 13/02/2018

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